Importance of a Good Plumber in Home Construction

In the construction of any home, hiring reliable and qualified professionals is of utmost importance. Licensed architects, experienced interior designers, and seasoned builders are just some of the most important people you have to look for to be able to build a stable and durable house.


But aside from these important professionals, you need to hire, it is also necessary for you to find another expert to take care of one of the most vital parts of your home – the plumbing.


Good plumbers are extremely crucial in any construction project – may it be a simple residential project or large-scale commercial construction. One of their primary tasks is making sure that the water system in the building works without a hitch.


Reputable plumbers are responsible for ensuring that every pipe in your home will be laid down perfectly and that your home drainage system will still operate smoothly even after decades of being in use.


The plumbing system in any home is very important that the plumber and the architect should actually discuss the plumbing and drainage systems even before the home design is finalized. Most of the time, once the pipes are installed, their removal can be very difficult and very expensive; and something you don’t want in any home construction are additional expenses that could have been avoided in the first place.


It is essential that you hire a plumber that is well-experienced in the field in case there are plumbing repairs that would need to be done in the future. A good plumber will lay down pipes in locations accessible enough so that they could be fixed should any problem arise.


Great plumbers will also be able to distinguish high-quality pipe or plumbing materials from substandard ones. They will only use high-grade supplies in working on your plumbing system to ensure that your pipes are made to last and avoid any premature damages.


Overall, hiring a dependable plumber is as significant as hiring a trustworthy home builder. A faulty plumbing system built by an inexperienced plumber may result in costly mistakes leading to damaging leaks and unexpected flooding within your home. For a top rated plumber in Edmonton we’ve relied on Edmontons Best Plumbers in the past with excellent results and attention to detail. 

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What To Expect from Your House Builder

A lot of the time when building a home, its necessary to take down the current home or structure that is still there. It’s very important to know that homes built before 1992 may contain asbestos and proper testing, removal and disposal is crucial before and during the demolition. The top rated company for asbestos removal Vancouver residents choose is Vancouver Asbestos Pros. Always call them first before starting your Vancouver demo.

Once you have hired a professional house builder to begin working on your home, you have to know what you should expect from them; otherwise, it might be a little difficult for you to track if you have hired a reliable builder. Setting your expectations will also help you be prepared.

A house builder is a professional who would be responsible for the actual construction of the building. One of the things you should expect is for them to hire other professionals and coordinate with them to build your home. Expect the builder to hire an architect, the subcontractors to help him with the building tasks, and experts to install the HVAC systems.

House Builder

In line with hiring other workers, you can expect that your builder will inform you about this. They should also answer all your questions regarding the hiring, or if you don’t know much about construction, they should be willing to explain the responsibilities of each worker that was hired for your home construction


Because your hired builder will be the one choosing and hiring the subcontractors and other experts needed for the construction, you can expect them to be ready to show you proof of licensing and certification of each worker who you will pay for.

You can expect your builder to be detailed in all the construction-related expenses. You can look forward to a breakdown of the costs – down to the very last nail.

Another thing you can expect is for your builder to be able to create a contract for the two of you. They should be ready to explain the content of the contract to you and be clear and honest with what’s in the contract as well as the payments needed to be settled. The contract should also include an agreed date when the construction should be completed.

Once the home construction is finished, you can expect your builder to walk you through the entire house while you inspect their completed work. They will inform you about the warranties and answer all your questions about the house.


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Mistakes You Should Avoid During Home Construction

If you are planning to have your home built for the first time soon, chances are you are very excited – it wouldn’t be surprising if you commit some rookie mistakes because of extreme excitement.

Home Construction

But no matter how thrilled you are, it’s important to keep your head – especially during important happenings such as your home construction; sometimes, construction mistakes could cost you a lot of money, time, and effort to correct.


Be mindful of the following errors usually made by homeowners during first ever home construction or renovation jobs:


Hastily treating home construction as just another do-it-yourself project.

Home construction IS a big deal and a big task that has to be treated as such. No matter how skilled you are with hammering or stacking bricks – home construction is more than just that. You have to take care of the necessary permits, you have to install electrical wiring, you have to take care of HVAC systems, and many other important responsibilities. It’s best for you to at the very least hire a professional to work with you if you are really set on being hands-on with constructing your own house.


Not taking care of required construction or renovation documents.

Even if you are just planning to add a house extension or simply intending to construct a small deck outside your house, you have to determine if a construction or renovation permit is needed. Otherwise, you might be faced with costly penalties and consequences.


Choosing building materials depending solely on design.

While the design will definitely play a great role in the overall appeal of your home once it’s finished, you must take other factors into consideration in choosing building materials apart from just their appearance. As a matter of fact, you must prioritize quality over design. Purchasing a material with low quality only means throwing away money because of the impending premature replacement.


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Things to Consider Before Building An Attic

Adding an attic is popular for many homeowners all over the world. Gone are the days when an attic is considered just a storage area, or a place where you want all the stuff you no longer want to see hidden. Today, attics can be turned into almost any room – a children’s playroom, a mini-library, a home office, a guest room, your very own master bedroom, and even a bathroom.


If you are planning to have an attic added to your home, you have to take a few things into account, aside from your budget.


The most important factor to consider in building an attic is finding out the specifications in the Building Codes in your location. You and your contractor should comply with the regulations set in the Building Code to avoid any legal problems.


Another thing you have to consider is the weight of the attic you are building. It is crucial to find out first if the foundation of your home can bear to carry the weight of the attic before building your attic.


If you are intending to use your attic space like a bathroom, you have to consider many things, including the plumbing and pipe installation. Turning an attic to a bathroom is generally more expensive than turning the space into other room types because of the extra costs brought by plumbing work. It’s best to build this bathroom directly above (or at least near) another bathroom or a kitchen so the installation of a pipeline will be easier and faster.


You can expect your attic to be colder in winter and warmer during summer than the rest of your house, therefore you have to consider taking some measures to regulate the temperature in your attic if you plan to make it a livable space which you can use anytime you want.

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Home Renovations to Protect Your Home from Flood

Storms and hurricanes can lead to flooding, and, if your home is located in a particularly low area where flooding occurs frequently, it can be hard to deal with this unstoppable flow of water invading your home and potentially damaging your properties.


Some homeowners usually just wait for the floods and storm to pass and simply accept the fact that they will have to have their homes renovated after the calamity. However, you don’t actually have to wait for your home to be ravaged by flood for you to take action – there is some home renovation you can have completed even before the storm hits.


It’s important to keep in mind that there is no absolute way you can make your home flood resistant, the best thing you can do is to at least minimize the damage the flood could possibly do to your home.


If you want to protect your home from flooding, don’t waste your time waiting. Before the storm season, get in touch with your trusted construction company for the following types of home renovation:


Elevating your home above the flood levels. First, you have to find out the flood levels in your area so you know how high you should elevate your home. Then, you can have your home raised to a higher level.


Adding an attic. An attic will be a lot of help during flood if you simply want to keep your valuables safe and dry. Since attics will generally be the highest room of your home, you can have peace of mind that your things will be out of harm’s way.


Dry floodproofing your home. Dry flood proofing procedures include adding shield, protection, or sealant to your home to keep water from entering.


Wet floodproofing your home. Wet floodproofing includes actually letting flood get into a designated area in your home such as a crawlspace and letting the water flow out. Wet floodproofing is done with the aim to minimize the damage the flood will have to the house or building.

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